1, Oct, 13

Another exclusive video of ‘Earthquake Island’ in Gwadar, Pakistan

Here's another exclusive video of the Earthquake Island from Gwadar, Pakistan that was formed recently.

It is one of the largest islands created this way for decades; the sea bed was raised when two tectonic plates pushed together. Experts say the island could disappear within a year because it is made out of mud.

30, Sep, 13

Aishwarya Rai is Back in this Latest Photoshoot with a Slim new Figure

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Aishwarya Rai seems to have regained her svelte figure from her modelling days as she appears ultra-glam and mesmerizes us with her best asset – her eyes for her latest photo shoot.

The new mom recently shot a fabulous photo shoot for a lifestyle magazine, Nobelesse. Aishwarya, who is also the cover girl for the magazine, appears with the statement, ‘The Return of the Queen’. The actress looks stunning in a blue-green sequined dress.

29, Sep, 13

Shame! Benazir Bhutto’s house in England being used for sex parties

Benazir Bhutto's former Surrey home is now being used as a venue for weekend orgies. Rockwood House near Guildford was owned by Bhutto from 1995 - 2004 where the former Pakistani president hosted elegant parties there for world leaders. Now this place is used for two-day hedonist orgies described as 'a mini-festival of sin' where games of naked tennis are played on the courts and there is a ‘dungeon’ in the cellar where guests are more likely to be found in bondage or fetish gear than in business suits or evening dress.