First: The Most Majestic Photo Images From Around The World


This is our first post. Vixolo is all about visual content and therefore we call it a magazine of 'awe'. Our job is to curate the best visual content for our readers from around the web, be it photos, design or digital art or anything that is just plain awesome and needs to be seen.

To start with, we are sharing with you a couple of photo images from around the world that are simply majestic. From traditions, to intimate moments, to beautiful landscape, just scroll below and enjoy.

Holi photo image Photo by Poras Chaudhary

"Holi Hai!" This Indian tradition is all about colors, fun and celebrating the beauty of life.

Lightning hits the Grand Canyon at multiple spots simultaneously.

As a police riot takes over a street in Vancouver, a kissing couple can be seen in the background making most of their time.

by Stephen Oachs

A photo of the Emerald Bay Sunset.

An iconic photo of a diver with a humpback whale. Photographed by Brian Skerry for the National Geographic.

by David Lazar

3000 meters high up in the Himalayan Mountains sits the Tigers Nest Monastery (or Taktsang Palphug).

A baby elephant calf lying beside his mother somewhere in the deserts of africa.

An old couple preparing for a photo in the barley. They'd been married for over 60 years and sadly this was their last harvest.

David Hanson crosses a fallen log beneath soaring trees and a lingering fog in Washington's Olympic National Park.

At Safari not only animals can attract attention. And no that's not a UFO, it's a cloud.

A heart shapes strawberry in the hands of a an old woman. The message is taste and love.