Stuff That Comes Alive When You Go To Sleep


Earlier this month, a photo of two tubes of toothpaste lying on each other went viral on the Internet. Then and there, Ian Thomas a photographer from Ontario, Canada got this idea of shooting some photos with daily life objects in such a way that it seems like they are trying to tell a story. And here it is.

The toothpaste that took a dump.

The interrogation.

Ninja Sushi.

The party crashers.

Blackberry massacre.


Orange Juicebox.

Kiwi Spa day.

Happy barf-day

Darth Pepper.

Killer tomatoes.

Salad revolution.

Love match.

Boycott Apple.

The preemptive strike.

Tomatoes in mourning.

Sour cream.

Stuffed olives assembly line.

Film salute to digital photography.

Exposed! Naked banana.

Doctor banana's diagnosis, "patient looks like he is nuts".

Just another day at the peanut butter factory.

What limes wear in the refrigerator.

Fruit salad surgery.

How sliced olives are made.

Cherry Pie search and rescue.

"Honest baby...this has never happened before...just give me 20 minutes"

The Lonely, where else would a lonely match go?